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Step into a World Where Serenity Meets Luxury!   Imagine enveloping yourself in an oasis of tranquility, where each note of calming music gently dissolves your worries away. Breathe in the soothing, aromatic scents caressing your senses, as you sink into the crisp, cool sheets, caressing your skin with a silken touch. The moment hands touch you, a surge of release engulfs all the bound-up stress, awakening a new YOU through the magical power of touch!  Welcome to 221° Laser and Spa – Your Sanctuary of Bliss and Rejuvenation!

Hot Stone Massage
Relaxation Massage

Body Massage Treatments:

Hot Stone Massage:

The stones induce a deeper state of relaxation, decreases muscle tension in the neck and lower back, and helps to ease headaches while decreasing stress.
30 minutes – $60
60 minutes – $110

Relaxation Massage:

This type of massage is a smooth, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, improves circulation and range of motion, and relieves muscular tension.
30 minutes- $35
45 minutes – $45
60 minutes – $60

Holistic Wellness Treatments:


Reflexology can assist in renewing balance within the body.
30 minutes – $35
45 minutes – $45
60 minutes – $60

Lymphatic Massage:

This type of massage uses light rhythmic strokes to move skin in the direction of the lymph flow through a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. The goal is to relax the nervous system and aid the body’s immune system to naturally eliminate excess toxins, dead cells, viruses, bacteria and chemicals.

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