Body Waxing

Upper Body Waxing:

Chest Waxing

Stomach – $15+

Is belly hair embarrassing you at all the wrong times? Safely wax it away and you’ll have a fuzz-free stomach for weeks. If you’re willing to give it a try, our team of professionals can help you get rid of those unsightly hairs. (Abdomen area)

Back – $30+

Walk on the beach with the confidence of knowing that others are admiring your smooth hair-free back. Waxing removes hair from the root, so it can last up to six weeks or more depending on how many times in a row you have been waxed and how often. (Area includes the bottom of the neckline to the waistline)

Chest – $35+

If you’re considering shaving your chest instead of waxing, think again. Shaving your skin will be more prone to irritation from chafing or sun exposure, much like shaving your face. There’s also the risk of ingrown hairs or cutting yourself and spreading bacteria that’s hidden between the blades. Let our team help rid you of those unwanted hairs. (Chest is upper torso area only; the stomach is not included)

Back & Chest – $55+

The combination of a hair-free back and chest will make you the envy on the beach. Trust our team for your personalized treatment.

Underarms – $15

Aesthetics is not the only reason to keep your underarms hair-free though it is quite a compelling reason in itself! Clean underarms can also help you tackle the body odour issue. Though you can remove hair from this sensitive area in many ways ranging from shaving to hair removal creams, they are likely to leave your skin dark, bumpy and irritated. With waxing by our team of professionals these problems can be avoided, leaving you with smooth stubble-free underarms in no time!

Lower Back – $15

Let those lower back hairs be a thing of the past. A quick wax with our professionals can rid you of those unwanted hairs. (Area is from mid back to the waste line)

Half Arm – $24+

Do you feel self-conscious about dark, thick hair on your arms? Are you constantly battling prickly arms as the hair grows back after shaving? Let the professionals at 221° Laser Clinic and Spa provide you with an easy wax treatment that lasts two to four weeks initially. (Half arm waxing includes the area from the shoulder to the elbow or the elbow to the wrist)

Full Arm – $32+

Similar to the Half Arm treatment, let our professionals help you remove unwanted arm hair and leave you with smooth flawless skin. (Full arm waxing includes both arms from the shoulder to the wrist)

Lower Body Waxing:

Regular Bikini – $20+

221° Laser Clinic & Spa the professionals are well-trained when it comes to bikini waxing for both women and men. Let our team of professionals get you ready for bikini season. (Removes hair from the front and sides only (what would be visible in a swimsuit).

Leg Waxing

Brazilian Bikini – $50+

With over a decade of experience in waxing, we ensure that our clients get the absolute best Brazilian Bikini wax treatment. With the use of soft organic waxes and numbing sprays, we apply our own technique that is comfortable for you and does not take too much of your time. The result is a quick treatment that is less painful and causes less skin damage in comparison to ordinary hard waxes. (Removes hair from the front, sides, and back, and everything in between; your choice of leaving a strip in the front or none at all)

Half Leg/Lower Leg – $34+

One major advantage of waxing is that it provides better and longer-lasting results than shaving does. Once you’ve bid your razor farewell, get ready to show off your soft smooth hair-free legs with no hesitation. (Wax to just above the knees includes toes and feet if required)

Full Leg – $47

A full leg wax will remove hair from the bikini line down to the feet but does not include a bikini wax. If you do not have much hair on your upper thighs a half-leg wax may be a more suitable option.

Half Leg & Bikini – $45+

You can do either the upper or lower legs, with a bikini wax as well. Enjoy all the advantages of smooth skin surfaces with today’s treatments at 221° Laser Clinic & Spa.

Half Leg & Brazilian – $73

You can do either the upper or lower legs, with a full Brazilian wax as well. Come and see us today for your waxing treatment. Free yourself of those unwanted strays.

Full Leg & Bikini – $59+

Let 221° Laser Clinic and Spa get you ready for your holidays so you can slip on that bikini with no hesitation and strut along the beach with confidence.

Full Leg & Brazilian – $87

Back to Bare Basics with a clean slate. No need to worry about any strays peeking out somewhere. Relax and enjoy that no hair feeling with a Toe to Thigh leg wax and full Brazilian.

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