Facial Waxing


Experience the Dual Magic of Waxing: Hair-Free and Radiantly Smooth Skin in a Flash! Dive into a waxing session and not only banish unwanted hair but also reveal your most luminous skin ever! As the wax glides on, it begins its transformative work, latching onto both hair and dull, dead skin. And voila! With a swift pull of the waxing strip, unveil brilliantly smooth, soft skin and say adieu to hair, all in one exhilarating moment! Quick, easy, and thrillingly effective!

Facial Wax

Face Waxing:

Eyebrow Waxing with Shaping – $12

Your eyebrows play a major role in the symmetry and overall appearance of your face. Properly shaped or sculpted eyebrows frame your eyes. The right brow shape can and will make a dramatic difference to your look and overall expression.

Upper Lip – $10

Does your lip hair cause you unexpected embarrassment? Have you been trying various products without actually removing the hair above your lips? You are not alone. Lip hair is a common problem for women. Let our team at 221° Laser Clinic & Spa help you with this issue.

Chin – $8

Don’t let those awkward chin hairs catch you off guard. Let our team of professional’s help treat those unwanted fuzzes for you once and for all.

Full Face – $27+

As the unwanted hair is removed from your face, you are guaranteed longer-lasting smooth skin. The root of the hair is removed completely, meaning that it needs to reform from the root before appearing on your face again. Our waxing treatments can last up to two weeks. (Includes cheeks, eyebrows, ears, nose, chin)

Neck – $15

Waxing your neck is something both men and women can benefit from. Even though waxing is initially more painful than shaving, the results can last four to six weeks.

Sideburns – $10

Waxing your sideburns is definitely an option. Fortunately, sideburns take a while to grow back, and over time with regular waxing, the growth will reduce. Stop in and see our team of professionals for a consultation.

Men’s Ears – $10

Ear hair is more prevalent among men than women and no matter how embarrassed you are about it or how much you may try to hide it, the unruly hairs begin to make an awkward presence in and around the ears. Our treatments will rid you of those coarse unwanted hairs.

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